CV06 Mini System


Based on the revolutionary Bill Pentz design, the Clear Vue Cyclones Mini CV06 adds cyclonic separation to any shop vacuum. The inlet size receives a 2″ vacuum hose – (adapters to other shop vacuum sizes sold separately). With the benefit of extended filter life and uncompromised airflow, the Mini CV06 is a great accessory for any shop vacuum!

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The Mini CV06 is a scaled version of the Bill Pentz Cyclone design that minimizes dustbin emptying and addresses the need to constantly clean and replace expensive fine filters. Traditional woodworking “cyclones” separate most of the heavy chips reducing the frequency of emptying dustbins, but traditional “cyclones” pass nearly 100% of the fine airborne particles that coats, clogs and ruins fine filters. Airborne wood dust has razor sharp edges and points that rapidly destroy filters. Traditional “cyclone” designs require constant cleaning and/or replacing expensive filters to maintain good airflow.

Unlike other “cyclones”, the Mini CV06 separates heavier particles and most fine airborne dust particles. Separation of airborne dust is six times better than competing models. Independent medical school testing recorded separation rates at 99.9% of dust particles larger than 5-microns and 80% of fine dust particles sized to 0.5-microns. So little dust gets into the shop vacuum resulting in less filter cleaning or need for replacement filters. Continuous full airflow is uncompromised. The Mini CV06 is a great addition to any workshop. Used in conjunction with a shop vacuum, it is ideal for hand tool workstations and general dust clean up.

The Kit includes:

  • Mini CV06 Body & Cone
  • 5′ flexible hose with couplings- 2″ diameter (adapters sold separately)
  • Five gallon 100mil bucket with precut lid
  • Gaskets and hardware necessary for assembly


  • Outlet – 2.25″ ID
  • Intake – 2.25″ ID
  • Cone height – 12″
  • Body height – 7.25″
  • Assembled height (without bucket) – 19.25″
  • Body diameter – 6″
  • Width at widest part – 8″

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